Emiliko + face tracking

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( •̀ ω •́ )✧Model Support Face tracking.

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★Create new Avatar project.

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✧Hue hair| Clothing Hue| Eyes Hue| Emission Hue| Hair Color| Hue Color Hair.

✧ Hair - Pigtail Long| Goth girl Hair Short| Messy hair Long| Ponytail.

✧ SoutBody| String-Top| Tank Top| Busgalter| Hoodie.

✧ Shorts low| Pantsy| Skirt.

✧Footwear- Boots new rock| Shoes| Sneakers.

✧ Accessories- Arm-leg-Warmers| Circle|Glasses| Glovers| Grid| Iron on body| NurbsPath| Strap| Stockings| Tights| Fishnet stockings| Moustache cat.

✧- Stockings| Tights| Fishnet stockings.

Three Green Optimized Versions.

Six different scenes, with different versions of the avatar.

In-build GoGoLoco, SPS, Face Tracking.


✧Get close and personal face with her for a blash.

✧Pat her head for a happy face with heart particles.

✧When you give her a boop, she gets disgruntled.

- Credits -

  • Concept/Unity/Blender work featured in this project is by me. Any parts not listed have been made by me and are not available. Assets and textures used in this project have been heavily edited and are NOT for reuse.
  • Head and eyetexture kri, Base Torinyan.
  • Hair long\Gothgirl" Hair\Ears - Saikura
  • Arm-leg-Warmers/Nail/String-Top\Croptop- wen.3D
  • Hoodie-Virtual Threads,Tanktop\Glasses- Hayweee, Skirt - Cassis,
  • Cat Particles, SPS, Simple Rings\Accessory Set, Tatoo, Heels with straps,
  • SoutBody, Sneakers, Booth new rock- Kasaiaisu

(∩^o^)⊃━☆Rules of Use~

When purchasing this model, you must follow the following rules:

You cannot claim it as your property.

However, you cannot transfer it to third parties.

You are not allowed to share, distribute, republish or resell the model.

You are NOT allowed to share any textures, parts, shaders that are not public

If you are modifying my Emiliko model (or any other my model) then you must see it as a Emilio.

The model is intended for personal use only.

You are NOT allowed to remove my discord name, even if you bought an avatar.

Any users who use this model without purchase will be blocked on all platforms, this applies to copyright.

You can use this model to create multimedia, streaming, and video.

However, if the model is actively used, or is used to monetize content, specify the credit.

Cannot return goods cannot be returned after purchase. Make your purchases judiciously.

My discord: Asphyxiyaavi

I want this!

The product is final and non-refundable.

You cannot return goods cannot be returned after purchase. Make your purchases judiciously, I will not be responsible for you.
Any digital item is non-returnable because that person may have already used it for their own purposes.
The product is final and non-refundable.

Last updated May 15, 2024

Cute avatar, with lots of versions!

Very Poor |
| Green and Medium
Download Size - 67.97|
| 26.96
Skinned Meshes - 28|
| 1
Material- 52|
| 9
Poly - 458.347|
| 64.929
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Emiliko + face tracking

8 ratings
I want this!